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Noon Wednesday - Desperately Waiting for any News.

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Here's the map that was sent with that message. 
Map is from NOON and the Red Arrows show the advance, since the map was printed.
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#Roy B. Laos - Just got word that there is fire on the upper east ridge near the (Montlure Camp)!! The winds are gusting to 35 to 40 mph. 
This fire is also travailing fast towards West Eagar and nearing Table Top Mesa in
Eagar. I think the rest of Springerville will be evacuated some time within the next 12 hours.
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            David B. Nelson Kay isn't that at the end of Fork Rd?
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            Kay Zahn Yes, the end of East Fork . I'm SURE the Hot Shot Crews are on it. They are standing there. Ready for JUST THAT sort of thing. The Fire lines have been cut, and they're just making sure it doesn't jump . . it will a little, but the winds are still with GREER. . . against Eager, but with Greer.
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            David B. Nelson Thank you!
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#Matt Finch:
 Big update. There are 2 engines posted up by Pete's Flume so I went and talked to them. First, some bad news. He was in Nutrioso last night and lost 2 homes that he personally fought, keep Nutrioso and Alpine in your prayers, the fire won't... seem to le...ave them alone. South Mountain in Alpine, arguably the prettiest peak on the mountain, has been nuked, so has one side of escudilla. Some good news though, he said it isn't a total loss up on top. There has been massive damage, yes, with a lot of nuking, but there are also a lot of areas where he said it looked like a slow burn went through, almost like a controlled burn. He hasn't made it to the big lake area, but let's keep our fingers crossed it was slow up there. He showed me the map of the lines they are making around town, the dozer lines and areas they plan to burn. Good news, the fire in grapevine above 26 bar was a spot fire that took off, it hit the dozer lines they made, and the lines held. That spot fire is under control, no homes lost. They haven't been able to back burn anything above 26 bar to point of the mountain unfortunately. So any fires seen yesterday evening were spot fires, and the fire coming down water canyon is part of the main fire as well. They tried backburning last night, but the temperature dropped and it was unsuccessful. He said mother nature is working directly against them. It is hard to burn lines at night because the temperature drops don't let the fire go far, then during the day the winds make it too hazordous, so they are relying on dozer lines more than fire. He said the same thing happened last night with the sipes line. The temperature drops didn't let the back burn go very well, so they are bringing in additional dozers this morning to widen the line that way. The are making a dozer line from the forest service service station just a hundred yards south of Haws park and taking it frm there to the Big Lake highway following private property boundaries. They can't touch private property because of liabilitys until it is on fire, but they can't do preventative like cutting trees, etc. without homeowners permission. The spot fire last night came within 1/2 mile from school bus road, among houses but none lost. They are doing great work and he said they have loaded the area up with personnel and machinery. Bad news now, the main wall hasn't come down, but is only a few miles out, still around the brown sawmill area coming down. Winds are already really picking up and because of the slow backburn last night the line above Amity hasn't really been established or widened, now it is up to the dozers. He said he was from the Payson area and has been in this position before, so he wanted to be honest and straightforward. He said it is his opinion that they will lose some structures today because the wind is just too strong and it is moving too fast. He doesn't think anything North of School Bus has much to worry about, but they are concerned with the areas above 26 bar in the Spanish Trails, Elk Crest area. On a positive note, he also said around Alpine and Nutrioso he has seen the best work he has ever seen fighting this thing and protecting houses, so the best of the best are on it. It should have been a lot worse as far as structures lost goes, but they have worked miracles. So, the area is in the most capable hands, but this is a raw show down between man and Mother Nature, so let's pray for divine interventionFinch: See More
By: Mary Gail King Boddeker
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            Kay Zahn I don't recognize many locations until they talk of 26 bar . . that's South of 260 between Greer and Eager. It is GOOD to hear that it's the BEST FIREFIGHTING ever seen . .
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