Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At least we have each other

#Victoria Barger Lomay
It is killing me to see this wonderful little community threatened. So much of my youth was spent up there running around on horseback, taking out trail rides from the stables for Jerry Crater, cleaning cabins at the Amberian for the Petroff's, working my mom's shop, the Quacker Barrel, either in Greer or Eagar, etc. Our family and ...so many other's so love this town and really have roots there, as do so many others I am sure. My heart breaks for the residents and summer residents that have a business up there and depend on it for their livelihood and whose homes are their retirement dreams or summer escapes. Greer is truly a piece of heaven on Earth and it would be a travesty to see it any other way but the pristine beauty it offers it's visitors and residents.
A very heartfelt and immense appreciation goes out to those protecting our lovely little town and surrounding communities, there are no words that can express my sincere thanks to who you are and what you do. Thank you to the men and women that are risking their safety to fight this beast, thank you to the people so kind to offer other's in need a hand or a place to stay and thank you Greer for all of the lovely memories. With much love, Vicki Barger LomaySee 
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#Pamela Train Krasta
I grew up just like most all of you, enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the WM area...born and raised in Yuma we went there every summer for 20 yrs. I have just recently looked into property in Show Low and then this happened and I have to say that this is not stopping me and my family, we are still going to move there next year. Prayers of safety and many blessings go out to each and every one of you involved in the area, from fire workers to residents....
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#Kay Zahn    
            Tuesday morning and by the grace of God, Greer still stands. Pretty smokey in town but the fire did not cross into town last night as it laid down a bit due to higher humidity ad lower winds. Thankfully, there are no losses to report and we... remain optimistic - although we are not out of the woods quite yet. I have passed along all your notes of appreciation and everyone here at GFD is thankful for your support...
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#Tami Collup Scheinman
I have been watching the Molly Butler web cam and alternately the Round Valley HS web cam all day and watching the smoke get worse and worse on both. It's not in the valley where Greer sits right now, though. 
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            Kay Zahn www.greeraz.com is rotating images from Greer, SOUTH to the Notch and EAST toward Eager/Springerville . . it doesn't look good . .
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            Tami Collup Scheinman I've been watching your site and also www.wallow.us. He's got a great map with interpretation from a local US Marine who is a meteorologist.
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#Kay Zahn
Now Eager is being evacuated !!! Please RAIN. Please . . . Please . . Rain
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#Kay Zahn From Wallow Fire Information: EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:
Further evacuations have been ordered by the Apache County Sheriff's Office for all areas south of highway 260 and east of Greer, including South Fork and portions of Eagar. Highway 260 will remain open for the evacuation and will be closed immediately after the evacuation.
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#Kay Zahn
THIS is a map with a scary story . . just got it from an email from Apache County. Look at the new HOT SPOTS, too close to Greer.
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            Dawn Bailey Sherman That's Greer at the top?
            June 7 at 7:22pm · 
            Kay Zahn Greer is at the top LEFT (under the cut out part) see the 2 pronged fork . . . at the top Right is headed toward South Fork and X Diamond and then Eager . . .
            June 7 at 7:29pm · 
            Dawn Bailey Sherman I'm just so sick about all of this. I pray you'll be safe.
            June 7 at 7:39pm · 
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