Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't leave the TV or computer - Wednesday is a LONG Day

#Kay Zahn
June 8 at 10:09am ·
Kay Zahn
Firefighters are working and incredible plan (I am SO IMPRESSED)
June 8 at 10:11am · 
#Kristi Spillman
Still waiting for news and it's still 0% containment. Eagar has been evacuated as of last night any many families are with us in Pinetop area. Greer is in okay shape at this point. We'll head over to the shelter for an update soon.
June 8 at 10:18am via iPhone ·
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June 8 at 10:25am · 
#Kay Zahn
News conference just described the efforts in GREER. They have "structural" protection in place (multiple engines) and multiple personnel in town working residence, moving wood piles and other things to make it easier to fight a spot fire if they come. I am SOOOOO IMPRESSED I could cry. It's been a long week, already.
June 8 at 10:20am ·     *
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            Susan Lammon We love Greer too! We spent many wonderful vacations there, it is truly God's country. Thank you for the news and updates on the fire. I am continuing to pray for all.
            June 8 at 10:28am ·  
#Kay Zahn
Not to bring us any further "down" but ATF just reported: fire at Greer Lodge last month was arson.
June 8 at 10:35am · *
#Scott Pace
Link to Molly Butler Lodge Channel 3 is a 15 minute interval picture from a camera pointing to the back valley of Greer.
Scott Pace
I just heard word that a fire had broken out on the ridge line above Montlure. The Molly's camera looks very smoky from that angle. Any better intel??
June 8 at 10:35am · 
            Kay Zahn I lost my last (of 3) webcams and can't tell either . . but that news conference a few minutes ago gives me all the confidence in the world that they are standing by, fighting those spot fires. . . .
            June 8 at 10:36am · 
            Kay Zahn If they have a recorded video of that conference I'll find a link
            June 8 at 10:37am .
            Scott Pace Outstanding! Molly Butler Lodge Camera is still operational.
            June 8 at 10:37am · 
            Kay Zahn I'm putting that note on my site now. I have the link, but I'll make sure they know it's working. . .
            June 8 at 10:38am · 
            Kay Zahn Not sure Scott, your last image is the same time as my last one . . I know I've lost contact with mine . .
            June 8 at 10:39am · 
            Dawn Bailey Sherman Kay, do you know how much we appreciate you staying on top of all this for us????
            June 8 at 10:39am · 
            Kay Zahn Dawn, thanks to YOU for helping me feel now so alone. .
            June 8 at 10:40am · 
            Scott Pace Your right, I just noticed that the last feed was at 9:30 a.m. Hate being blind right now.
            June 8 at 10:41am · 
            Kay Zahn me too . . . .
            June 8 at 10:41am · 
June 8 at 10:49am ·           o
            David B. Nelson Thank you Kay!
            June 8 at 11:17am · 
#Kay Zahn
I don't know why folks are being required to "join" this page . . but from what it appears, you can add your friends to the group too. I think. But everyone gets in. . it used to be a "page" now it is a "group" and it is different from the admin view.
June 8 at 10:49am ·     *
            Dan Rakosnik Morning Kay, Are you surprised that the Greer Lodge fire was determined to be arson? I heard all over town that that is what many expected.
            June 8 at 10:54am · 
            Kay Zahn Not surprised at all . . . I screamed it (via blog) the minute I heard it. I'm so shocked by all of this other news, that I'd forgotten about that fire (not really) until I saw that ABC15 new report. So much to think about .. . eh?
            June 8 at 11:06am · 
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June 8 at 10:48am · 
David B. Nelson
We are praying that the fires are contained and no damage to Greer! Many are praying...
June 8 at 11:16am ·     *
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            Kay Zahn I would hate to be God right now. Too many prayers for wind changes and rain. . . but so far, I swear it seems that someone is looking out for everyone . . .lots of "could be worse" stories . . .
            June 8 at 11:35am · 
            David B. Nelson Trust me, He can handle it...
            June 8 at 11:39am · 
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June 8 at 11:26am · 
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#Kay Zahn
calls to Greer Fire Dept won't go thru now. . . busy signals only . . . I'll BET it's the switch in Eager that's down. . . It's a FAST busy, like the switch is out, not the other party is on the line. . . .
June 8 at 11:14am ·     *
            Ginny Dickert McCormick Our answering machine no longer picks up and Molly's webcam stops at 9:30, so I think they've cut the power.
            June 8 at 11:59am · 
            Kay Zahn I thought that too, but my alarm system (and many others) have not given power failure signals. . so I'm thinking it IS THE PHONE switch, because that's where we get internet for our web cams too.
            June 8 at 12:03pm · 
            Kay Zahn so our freezers are likely still ON :)
            June 8 at 12:03pm ·
#Kay Zahn
I'm thinking the power is still ON in Greer. The Phone switch (in Eager) is down or overwhelmed. If I get power outage signals from our alarm system, I'll let you know. But as of now, I'm betting it's only phones out, and we still have power.
June 8 at 12:05pm ·
Jeannine Leslie
Both the cams at molly butler and the montgomery cabin stopped showing new feeds around 9:30 as did the cam out at sunrise, so looks like the whole area is down, not sure if its power or phones but none of them are working right now. Keeping all of you in my prayers. My husband and I have been coming to the eastern white mountains (...greer, alpine, hannigan) for over 23 years now. It's always been our little place of heaven on earth. We know all of those forest roads like our own neighborhood streets, so sad to see this happening, just breaks my heart, but am hopeful that some of the beauty of this magnificent corner of the earth will remain intact!See More
June 8 at 12:44pm · 
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June 8 at 12:37pm ·
#Kay Zahn
Shop at BASHA'S and THANK THEM for sending truck loads of food to the White Mountains for the firefighters who are working their tails off !!!!
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            Katy Holditch I saw that last night on the news. Thank you Bashas.
            June 8 at 7:34am · 
           Tami Collup Scheinman I looked them up to see if they had an East Coast equivallent that I could patronize. No such luck. :(
            June 8 at 1:27pm via · 
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June 8 at 1:01pm · 

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