Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Greer is Engulfed in Flames! Wednesday 6-8pm

#Kay Zahn
NO NO NO they have not given up Greer. I can't believe that . . . . if Greer were "engulfed" they'd have pictures . . . please? I will not believe it until I see pictures. . .I'm trying to call GFD now.
June 8 at 6:42pm · 
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            Alisa Cook Larson I agree...lets think positive!
            June 8 at 6:43pm · 
            David McCarthy Agreed!
            June 8 at 6:45pm · 
#Melanie Whitlock
i hear ya kay but im glad i have pics of the greer i know and love
June 8 at 6:43pm 
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#Dan Rakosnik
just received from, that fire has reached 260, near the golf course
June 8 at 6:41pm · 
#Gayla Bird
you can read article from Allan of Molly Butlers at
June 8 at 6:43pm ·    *
          o; Kay Zahn I did read it and we've heard all of the same information through out the day but less dramatically . . . so I'm hoping that the "engulfed in flames" part is just incorrectly reported . . . but thanks so much for the link
            June 8 at 6:48pm · 
#Sheri George
Praying for a miracle!
June 8 at 6:48pm · 
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#John Gladstone
i'm dead with grief
June 8 at 6:49pm ·     *
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June 8 at 6:58pm ·    
#Cindy Kettering
Love and prayers from Bend, Oregon....may the reports be wrong.....
June 8 at 7:06pm · 
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June 8 at 7:07pm · 
#Nicki Ann Clarke Flores
Over the 33 years that I have lived in Tucson and now Benson, I have many many memories that I cherish from twice/yearly trips to Greer....this news sickens my heart.....PRAY FOR RAIN ARIZONA!!
June 8 at 7:09pm · 

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#Dan Rakosnik
some of this Greer stuff was being reported well before the fire actually reached the south end of greer, so my hopes are still high that earlier reported destruction is unsubstantiated
June 8 at 6:45pm ·     *
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            Dan Rakosnik on another very morbid note, I just read on websmcd that a fire fighter reported lots of dead elk and deer around Big Lake
            June 8 at 6:51pm · 
            Kay Zahn aaaahwww
            June 8 at 6:53pm · 
            David McCarthy Yeah I saw that. :(
            June 8 at 6:53pm · 
            David McCarthy I cant pull myself away from the computer, but this sux
            June 8 at 6:54pm · 
            James David Porter The most up-to-date MODIS information shows threats from the south up the east fork, but the most serious threats to structures around the area of Heaven Scent. No fires have been detected by the system yet in Greer itself.
            June 8 at 7:08pm · 
            Jesse E. Miles Miller I heard from FF, one structure lost.
            June 8 at 7:08pm · 
            Nicki Ann Clarke Flores I have stayed at Heaven Scent Cabins....this is just heartbreaking
            June 8 at 7:10pm · 
#Lois Johnson
My husband and I have been to Greer regularly the past few years....the most beautiful place I've been to, and so many great memories, like watching the beavers build their dams. We moved back to Florida la few months ago, but already was planning our next trip to Greer. My heart aches for everyone that has ever enjoyed the beauty of Greer, and for those that will now never know. At least I have my memories.
June 8 at 7:19pm ·    
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June 8 at 7:22pm · 
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June 8 at 7:25pm · 
#Dana Mueller
This place has a special place in my heart . . . It's so crappy what is happening . . . so hard to comprehend!
June 8 at 7:45pm · 
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June 8 at 7:49pm · 
#Adam Andrew Wallburg
I do some IT work for Larry the other owner of Mollys and if what AJ wrote is true I am just devastated... I lost track of the Mollys webcam like everyone else recently and have been unable to reach larry since for an update, Fingers crossed that this is not true, I had my first experience in Greer about a month ago and EVERYONE was so hospitable and treated us wonderfully, I would hate for such a tragedy to happen to such a beautiful place and such great people....
June 8 at 7:27pm · 
            Adam Andrew Wallburg actually I just heard back from Larry, he confirmed what AJ is saying....
            June 8 at 7:34pm · 
            Melanie Whitlock no its really on fire
            June 8 at 7:49pm · 
            Adam Andrew Wallburg heartbroken for these guys
            June 8 at 7:51pm ·     *
#Kay Zahn 
Mark Wade just called me to confirm that they have NOT given up on Greer. Firefighers are still there and that's all he would confirm.
            June 8 at 7:51pm · 

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