Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Roller Coaster that was GREER DAYS 2011

#Kristi Spillman
Greer's a bit smoky today. A fire is burning in the Bear Wallow Wilderness area which is 25 miles due south of Greer. The prevailing winds in Arizona at this time are normally from the SW but when they are from the South, smoke arrives in Greer. Yesterday, skies cleared in Greer as wind pushed the smoke east to Round Valley. 
US ForestService said they had 300 firefighters at the site and were dumping wateron the fire which, as of yesterday was 2,600 acres. Today it is red flag conditions across all of northern Arizona.
June 1 at 8:57am 
# Kay Zahn
A LOT clearer this morning. No smoke. Greer days are a coming and the town is bustling. . . the good old days might be right around the corner. . . At least in Greer they are! I don't know why, but I can't get that song "happy days are here again" out of my head !!!!
# Kristi Spillman
Come visit Frostybottom Cafe when you're in Greer. Look for the local food truck @60 Main St. Tell me you found me on Facebook.
June 2 at 4:14pm via iPhone 
Kay Zahn
Greer Days has been cancelled due to the Bear Wallow Fire and it's proximity to the village. We are NOT in any danger at this time, but if the winds were to change and we were in the path of the fire, they don't want the village full of vendors and guests. . . .
June 2 at 5:53am
Kay Zahn
The vendors may have left town, but the Greer folks are still in party mode (the sky is clear of smoke) The wind seems to be "with" us, so if you are around the White Mountains, come on up to Greer. The Frostybottom Cafe is OPEN FOR BUSINESS . . you can always just come sit on the lawn with Kristi, and stop by and browse the Quacker Barrel Gift Shop. Molly Butler's, The Rendezvous, The Peaks and more are all ready to serve. Greer Days may officially be cancelled, but Greer isn't !!!
June 3 at 7:23am
            Stephen Tuten this all sounds lovely....let me plan a trip
            June 3 at 11:00am
# Kay Zahn
From 12 News
Latest from Wallow Fire: Preliminary evacuations spots all around the fire are under consideration, including Greer. Lines to be set are under discussion. No decisions have been made.
June 3 at 8:48pm 
Kay Zahn
Pre-evacuation notices posted last night at 1am . . Still holding good this morning, but it's hard to tell where the fire is. Just drove thru town. NO ONE is up and packing????? but I'd venture to say that if you're thinking of coming up to Greer today or tomorrow . . I'd check with the Fire Department first.
June 4 at 5:56am · 
            Judy Krick I'm up and packing but I have a house full of sleeping elves -- their work will start when they arise!
            June 4 at 6:31am · 
            Shirley Gilbert If we drove up to get a few things, would they let us into Greer?
            June 4 at 7:20am · 
            Jeff Christ If you don't have too, don't come to Greer right now. You'll just be getting in the way of those of us who are defending your properties. Things can be replaced and you'll always have your memories. Hopefully we can stop or turn it before it hits Greer. If you want to help, start praying.
            June 4 at 7:36am · 
            Shirley Gilbert We had just make these same decisions. We are praying that our beautiful Greer can once again dodge a bullet. Thanks Jeff.
            June 4 at 7:41am ·