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The Communication Explosion

# Kay Zahn
This link was better last night (since it hasn't been updated since) but it's good fire information. InciWeb the Incident Information System: Wallow at
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            Kay Zahn This link just updated 35 min. ago
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# Kay Zahn
Unofficial info but from insider at Greer FD: As of last evening the back burn operation seemed to be effective as the Wallow Fire has stopped advancing on Greer. Our valley will be smoke filled for the next few weeks, but land and property have been spared. Any residents wishing to return should consult Greer Fire for specific conditions - those with breathing ailments are encouraged to think twice before returning to town just yet...Steve Regan
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            LeAnn Noonan Taylor Thank Goodness. Keeping y'all in my prayers. Need to see if Sam can check on the cabin.
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            Shirley Gilbert Thanks for the posting Kay. Appreciate it.
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#Kay Zahn
Special thanks are due Dawn Griffith (local resident on the fire team) who pushed to have the team put in place last night for the back burns.
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#Shirley Gilbert
Way2Go Dawn! Keep up the good work!
June 5 at 1:19pm ·
#Kay Zahn
I can see the "Notch" again (from one of my cameras on the house in Greer) This morning was so smoky that I couldn't find it !!
June 5 at 1:32pm · 
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#Kay Zahn
Still smoky in the valley. Looks like about 100 ft visibility this morning. I can't see the "notch" yet.
June 6 at 7:36am · 
#Kay Zahn
‎6-6-2011 - 7:30 am - According to InciWeb The Pre-evacuation Warning issued for Greer is STILL IN EFFECT. A community meeting will be held at the Springerville High School Auditorium, TONIGHT Mon. Jun. 6 at 6pm.
InciWeb the Incident Information System: Wallow
For Immediate Release Fire Information
June 6 at 7:46am ·
#Kay Zahn
‎2:30 pm Residents in Greer are getting the Order to Evacuate. The fire is moving towards Lee Valley Res. and that could bring it down the other side of of the fork to the Notch at the south end of town. This is an Evacuation Order.
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            Kay Zahn
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#Shirley Gilbert
Dear God, please take care of all the fire fighters that are working so hard and risking their lives to protect our beautiful Greer and our cabins. We all appreciate everything that you are doing and you are doing a great job. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. 
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#Scott Pace
Hope the Good Lord protects the fire teams, and Greer.
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#LeAnn Noonan Taylor
Not sure what the status is going to be with the Cabin. Wish I was there before this happened. God Bless the firefighters and be with the citizens of Greer.
June 6 at 7:44pm ·
Kay Zahn
from 12 News
In the meantime, fire crews continue to focus efforts on the community of Greer, which is under a voluntary evacuation alert. Brad Pitassi, a Southwest Type 1 incident management team spokesman, said the community currently resembles a "ghost town."

The blaze was 8 miles from Greer on Saturday. If flames come within 6 miles of the town it would trigger a full-scale evacuation.

Fire crews completed a 30-mile burnout operation from Nutrioso to State Road 261 to protect Big Lake and Greer, said Kelly Wood, a Type 1 team spokesman.
Wallow Fire at 144,000 acres; high winds expected
June 5 at 3:35pm ·   
#Kay Zahn I just posted that to show the "locals" on Facebook are 2 hours ahead of the news channels !!!
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            Tami Collup Scheinman Hey Kay, I'm in Atlanta and I had to tell my parents who evacuated to Mesa that Greer was under full evacuation! (of course, I got that info from you.) :)
            June 6 at 7:45pm ·
#Tami Collup Scheinman
It's surreal to hear the names of tiny towns from my childhood (that people from Phoenix barely know the locations of) bantered around on the national news all the way here, in Atlanta! We are praying for you on the East Coast.
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#Kay Zahn
Live image from the NOTCH (south of Greer) web cam at 3:30 pm
June 6 at 3:29pm · 
            Candace Morris Wow. Poor Greer and the forest.
            June 6 at 4:20pm · 
            Kristi Spillman That's when the evac sirens went off. Panic mode, pack it, pay respects, Pinetop bound...
            June 6 at 8:24pm · 
            Kay Zahn I just watched the meeting in Round Valley. The map is scary. Tomorrow the satellite photos from tonight's passover will show how BIG it is . .
            June 6 at 8:31pm · 
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#Pam Walrath
It breaks my heart to see the areas I help protect on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest burn with such devastation! My thoughts and prayesrs are with the firefighters and the communities that live and vacation in this forest. It was said to me in my past career as a wildland firefighter that "You are Heros Next To The Angels" - well my friends you are the Angels too!!! Thank you for your back breaking, smoke enduring diligence to save our forests and homes. We appreciate you!! 
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